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Irie Livity radio show


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Irie Livity radio show we are going to spread the message of music, with some tracks that will inspire us to be better and promote the positive vibration we all love! we also going to talk bout surfing, skateboarding and different sports, we going to have some surfers and musicians that want to share their talent with us,and surf reports all over the world, so we hope you guys connect to the best radio online, HOT 78 RADIO, and send your report so we can send nuff blessings fi all!! One Love!!

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Irie Livity radio show crew

Roger Gamboa Montero was born in the 6th of April of 1993 ,in San Jose, Costa Rica, was born and raised in the hills of San Juan de Dios of Desamparados, mother roots from Puntarenas and his dad roots was from Acosta, his uncle from his mother side was the one to show him the […]